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Over the past few years, different businesses and governmental organizations have adopted drones technology. As it has become a core element for their business functions, they have decided to go through specific industries, which were either spotted or lagging behind.

In 2015, project revenues from drone sales were estimated at $8 billion, and it is estimated to become $12 billion in 2021. One of the factors behind drones having this revenue in the market is that it is extremely useful in places people cannot reach, or where human force is unproductive in terms of time and/or efficiency.

Companies around the globe are working on solutions and services to leverage the capabilities of drone technology, and that’s especially true for delivery companies, who are looking for ways to meet consumer demands for fast and cheap fulfillment services. For example, China officially approved drone-based package delivery. In the next five years, there will be an increase in price competition and new technologies that make flying drones easier for beginners.

With this vast and rapid revolution, there are 6 cool commercial drone uses trending now:

1. Agriculture

Identify failing plants early and take inventory of crops. This way, drones can save farmers money. Also, it can be used to map and study the farmland and its irrigation systems. In all these cases, utilizing drones helps accelerate projects, which are otherwise time-consuming.

2. Architecture and Construction

Drones use above-earth footages to create 3D renders of the structures they aim to build low-cost, and quickly create aerial shots to check architectural performance.

3. Delivery

Ele.me and Alibaba-owned meal delivery services began using drones for food delivery for routes decided in advance by drones, and they received approval from the Chinese government, as reported by TechNode.

4. Emergency Services

Drones can deliver medical supplies to stranded victims and observe a difficult situation. This could develop the ability of emergency response and provide care in difficult situations.

“These drones have impressive ways to help locate victims. Also, these drones have a strong lift and distance capability. We should also mention it can carry a variety of sensors.” says Dennis Lott, director of Hinds CC’s unmanned aerial vehicle program.

5. Engineering

Engineering teams working on big construction projects are starting to utilize drones, such as transmission cables, oil pipelines, and maintenance inspections.

6. Military

Goldman Sachs reported that $70 billion will be spent on global militaries’ drones by 2020.

The company also claims that military spending will remain the main driver for drone spending in the upcoming years, drones will play a vital role in solving future conflicts, and that they will replace human pilots.

Are you starting to think of utilizing drones for your business?

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